Belén Castro
Founder and creator of Olivolea

Olivolea combines natural ingredients and pharmaceutical rigor

A brand created and developed to care for and protect sensitive skin in a 100% natural way.


Olivolea is born in the heart of the family farm where an olive oil with exceptional properties for the skin is produced and which constitutes the purest and most natural essence of our creams.

My passion for oil and its properties as a galenic active led me to develop the first Olivolea master formula.

The pregnancy of my daughter Marta was the ideal moment to create and use my own cosmetics, the one that would give me the security that my skin would receive the active ingredients it needed in such a special and at the same time delicate moment.

Olivolea involves a strong emotional and personal commitment, and is therefore a project beyond cosmetics in which the whole team is committed.

The vision and values acquired during my life are the basis for its evolution and entrepreneurial spirit. The characteristics of the products are a true reflection of this and transmitting all this is fundamental for me.

* Belén Castro has a degree in Pharmacy; Specialist in Dermopharmacy; Executive MBA IE Business School; Luxury Brand Management IE Business School; Master in Pharmaceutical Care; Expert in Clinical Nutrition; Master in Mediterranean Diet; author and co-author of several books on nutrition and health.

cremas con aceite de oliva MATRACES OLIVOLEA
With the purest essence of olive oil, we produce a range of products with exceptional properties designed to produce maximum comfort on contact with the skin.

Natural cosmetics provide a higher amount of active ingredients in their formulation, which translates into a high effectiveness of the product.

The quality and safety of Olivolea products are guaranteed and supported by tests and clinical studies.

  • Tested hydration shows an increase in hydration of up to 28% after application of the product.

  • The formulas are compatible with people of all ages, from infants to the elderly.


Skin tolerance due to its formulation with vegetable ingredients that integrate pure extracts of natural active ingredients.

The safety of a scientifically designed and created formula, with sensitivity and professional responsibility.

The sensoriality and comfort provided by its application.

“Olivolea is cosmetics that enhances well-being, health and beauty.”

Natural cosmetic products are those that contain ingredients obtained from natural sources, are healthier and better tolerated by the skin.

This is how Olivolea was conceived, a clinically tested dermo-cosmetic line containing Olivolein and integrating 100% pure natural active ingredients.

cremas con aceite de oliva BELEN CASTRO OLIVOLEA 2
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